Change Default Gateway with a Batch file

Below is a useful script to change a default gateway IP address on a Windows 7 network adapter.

Set Gateway=
for /f "tokens=4*" %%a in ('netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces ^| find " connected" ^| find /v /i "Loopback"') do Set NIC=%%b
netsh interface ipv4 delete route prefix= interface="%nic%"
netsh interface ipv4 add route prefix= interface="%nic%" nexthop=%gateway% publish=Yes

HVBackup – FREE Hyper-V Backup Solution (Modifications)

There is a free Microsoft Hyper-V backup solution called HVBackup – Website Link ; this is open-sourced under the LGPL license and is free to download and modify to suit your needs.

You can download and use this on your Hyper-V servers now by using the link above. I have been making changes to the HVBackup source to add a few new features, mainly…

  • Added GZIP Support (added by Pablo, on the HVBackup Forums)
  • Added GZIP Password (added by Pablo, on the HVBackup Forums)
  • HVBackup no longer responds to Command Line parameters, instead it reads all information from Settings.ini located in the same folder.
  • A GUI has been created to configure the settings, add servers, change formats, zip type, compression etc.
  • A Scheduler has been added to the GUI which allows you to Schedule HVBackup’s via the Windows Task Scheduler.

The new GUI I’ve written has been made in VB.NET and it manipulates the .ini settings file, allowing you to query your Hyper-V instance for server names and providing a quick interface for creating scheduling options via the Windows Task Scheduler.

This will be available for download shortly, if anyone wants to try this out feel free to contact me and I’ll send it over.

A couple of screenshots of the new GUI are below:

HBC2     HBC1