Dropbox Cloud Storage

Dropbox is a cloud storage system where you can backup your files and folders on their servers and access them in real-time on Windows and Linux machines.

It integrates with the operating systems desktop manager and allows you to add/remove files just like a folder on your computer.

It’s free to try out and you’ll have 2GB of storage completely free; if you invite your friends using the referral scheme you get an extra 250MB per person (up to 3GB) so in theory you could have 5GB of online storage for nothing.

The good thing about Dropbox is that it supports Windows, Linux, Mac and even your iPhone and allows you to share files between these devices. It’s pretty good considering it costs you nothing.
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Google unveils Chrome operating system

chromeChrome OS, due to launch next year, will be based on Linux, and is leaner than Windows and some people believe it could radically change the way we use computers. User data will be stored on Google’s servers and synchronise with Chrome OS devices.

No common desktop applications such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader will run on Chrome OS and the only application it will come with is a web browser.

This means the user is limited to web applications such as Gmail and Google Docs. Google said that because Chrome OS doesn’t allow the user to install desktop applications, the user is less at risk from malicious software.

Chrome OS allows Google to collect more information on the computing habits of its users, adding to the information it already has about people’s search, email and video usage.

The software will be designed for portable computers such as netbooks; but currently not for desktop PCs or standard laptops.