Simple jQuery Preloader Plugin

After several searches for a pre-loading plugin for jQuery I came up short – they either did too much and had hundreds of options I didn’t want, or they were packaged with something else had a lot of code I didn’t need. The following plugin will allow you to pass in a selector (div, body, any other element) and pre-load all images within it, the plugin is very lightweight with only 17 lines from start to finish.

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WordPress 3.2 Beta!

WordPress has released a BETA version of the next big release – 3.2. There are many noticeable changes, such as a re-vamped administration panel and brand new default theme (now HTML5 supported)

Along with the visual changes, lots of back end features such as Updating has also been upgraded, WordPress now supports incremental updates.

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Drupal 7 – Major Update!

The machine-readable web has come a step closer thanks to open sourcers in the Drupal community.

Drupal 7 has received sign-off – finally – adding the ability to embed semantic meta-data into sites using the open-source content management system.

That means Drupal 7 is adding native support for the W3C’s RDFa – a set of XHTML attributes that are designed to turn human readable data into data that’s readable by machines. That could be data such as a location’s map coordinates. RDFa is already being used by Google (see here).

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jQuery Hide/Show Button

This is just a small example of how you can use jQuery to make an effective show/hide button(s) on a page with a few lines of code. It will support multiple instances per page and use it with HTML markup, you don’t need to edit the Javascript every time you want to use it. It’s generic and re-usable code.

I have provided a download for the example at the bottom of the page; although all of the needed code is explained and shown further down in the article.

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