PHP – Useful TinyMVC View Helpers

Back again with more TinyMVC code. As I get more into this framework the more code I’ll be posting up, the functions in the code below are to be used directly from TinyMVC views and not controllers or models.

One of the most useful features below is block($view) allowing you to directly output other views, inside your view (like CakePHP does) although this is technically not following “strict” MVC guidelines it is still a very useful feature.

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PHP – TinyMVC Template Wrapper Plugin

TinyMVC provides a great structure for developing new projects, it’s small base allows the developer to write new plug-ins and extend on the existing framework. Below you’ll find a template wrapper I have made to manage the views and assigning of data. The class allows you to set a default view to be used in order to keep consistency throughout; so that you can minimize view code in the controllers.

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