Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.5 BETA

Mozilla pushed a fourth beta of Firefox 3.5, formerly known as Firefox 3.1, out the door yesterday.

The oft-delayed next version of the open source browser is expected to arrive at some point in the first half of this year, it had originally been pencilled in to rock up in December 2008.

However, a series of problems brought on by show-stopping bugs in Mozilla’s new JavaScript engine TraceMonkey meant the organisation was forced to push back its release date and change the browser’s name to reflect the huge amount of changes it’s undergone in beta.

So Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 should be the final beta of the browser ahead of its release at some point in the next few months.

It comes loaded with performance, web compatibility and speed improvements, according to Mozilla.

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Opera Browser Fails With Patching Techniques

operaIt seems that users of Apple Safari and Opera web browsers are highly susceptible to latest online threats owing to the way their patch updates are downloaded while users of Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox are relatively well protected.

According to a new study conducted by Google Switzerland and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, nearly 97 percent of Chrome users and around 85 percent of Firefox user were browsing the internet using the latest version of their browser, 21 days after its release.

In contrast only 53 percent of Safari users had the latest version of the browser while the figure for Opera users stood at mere 24 percent. A major cause for this difference owes to the fact that both Chrome and Firefox checks for automatic updates and implements them without user intervention.

In contrast, Apple Safari allows it users to set an update schedule while Opera users have to manually download a new installer program when a new version is available.