Welcome to my website. I’m Steve McMillan an ICT Technician and web developer from Sheffield, UK. This is my personal website.

The website is basically for my ramblings, tutorials and web related articles/code snippets – Most of the content on this website will be my code I’ve wrote, or code I think should be shared.

Most of the sites I have worked on are Powered by WordPress, I have experience in developing custom plugin’s and custom WordPress themes (you’re viewing one now) I prefer to focus on layout and usability rather than filling up a page with un-needed graphics, I also love simple/minimalistic designs.

The code you find on this site has been developed by myself, if for some reason code is posted that isn’t my own, I’ll specifically credit the original author at the bottom of the article. If you’re requiring any help with the code I’ve posted, or have any questions the quickest way would be to leave a comment on that page as I get notified via email when a user posts a comment.


I am starting to use Twitter and Facebook more and more so I guess I should add this social section, you can either contact me via this website or follow me on Twitter – Bear in mind that most of my Tweets will be personal and probably not related to this website, I do occasionally tweet up new articles though.

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Please take a moment to browse the rest of my website, or leave comments on posts if you wish.