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ubuntuI came across a free (and paid) cloud service from Ubuntu; the creators of the popular OS Ubuntu Linux. You can have a free account and have 2GB’s worth of storage costing you nothing. If you happen to run the Ubuntu OS, One integrates with the desktop; providing ‘drag and drop’ functionality for backing up files.

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What is Ubuntu One?
Ubuntu One is your personal cloud. You can use it to back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users.
Ubuntu One gives all features and 2 GB of essential storage to everyone. If you need more space, choose 50 GB for just $10 a month.

Sync your files and share them with others
With Ubuntu One, your projects are as public (and your secrets as safe) as you want them to be.

Ubuntu One is your personal cloud, allowing you to store essential stuff away from your computer. As well as backing up your photos, videos and music, Ubuntu One automatically synchronises them with all of your computers.
File-sharing with Ubuntu One is the ideal way to collaborate on current projects. You can make a file of any size available to another Ubuntu One user in a couple of clicks.

A mobile To Do list, notes for your blog, a change in direction, the start of something big… edit your Tomboy notes as inspiration strikes, wherever you are, and they’ll sync automatically with your computers.

Add, remove, edit and synchronise your contacts
Ubuntu One lets you view and edit your Evolution contacts on the go: ideal when you’re away from your computer and need more than just a phone number.

Check it out free of charge here Ubuntu One: Cloud


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